To Be…or Not To Be…A Good Person

You will read in books, hear on movies, and see in life that people believe that their faith and various other compensating notions make them good people.  I feel differently…You see, I can care less the book you tote around claiming to be the words of God and how so much like him you strive to be.  I don’t care that you spent $3,000.00 on charitable donations this year.  I don’t think that because you pray at night, your sins are forgiven and you should be able to cast that burden away forever.

What do I believe in?  I don’t believe in shooting someone for the fun of it….i don’t believe in raping innocent women and children…I don’t believe in tossing your child in a closet rolled into a chain linked fence giving him little to no chance for survival.

I do believe in holding the door for others.  I do believe that the occasional good deed of buying a homeless man lunch without claiming it on my taxes is not a “bad” thing.  I do believe in cleaning up after myself.  I do believe that you should treat others as you wish to be treated, with respect and dignity.  I believe that one’s actions absent of surveillance dictate the truth behind their true being.  And I also believe that being the person you want to be should not be hindered by the thoughts and judgments of others.  With that, I will leave off with….I believe in being a good person, not a good servant.  Religion doesn’t encompass me, and I see clearly because of it.



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