Doctors and Doctrine

So…I like most people enjoy watching a little TV to relax.  It’s hard these days not to be sucked into the drama that spews from hospital shows.  The question came up in one show this evening that puzzled me.  How can Doctors who trust their living in medicine derived from science and technology, still believe in anything other than pure science?

The irony is close to the cousin of Gun Laws.  We try to ban guns, but when an attacker hits your house, you call the people with guns and hope they arrive before its too late.  This is another story entirely, however puzzling just the same the more I think about it.

I don’t try to be someone different at work then I do at home.  Why would my beliefs change depending on the location and surroundings I am placed in?  They shouldn’t…  Excuse the pun that follows.  God Forbid something were to happen to my family and surgery or medical advice be needed to save one of us, I would want to know that the person completing the procedure on my family’s behalf is someone like minded and who has the medical facts, scientific knowledge, and technology advances at their disposal to do the job.  The last thing a person should hear after a procedure or prognosis is “It’s in God’s hands now”.   That tells me someone gave up and doctors don’t just give up.  They shouldn’t!

I think background checks are in order from now on regarding the physicians my family sees.  Does anyone think this is too much?  Pushing the bar a little too far?  Comments are welcome!



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