Children and their belief system

I have found myself in a pickle.  I have a strong belief in free thinking.  I believe that I should have the right to think how I wish and believe in what makes me a happy person.  I don’t believe in being pushed into a belief system.  As an Atheist, how can you justify raising your child to be an Atheist and hold their hand into that lifestyle without feeling the slightest bit hypocritical?

That being said, i do not want to have my child brought up with the mind set that his grandparents and various other relatives have along with their belief system.  I don’t want to keep family from seeing my son, but I also don’t want my child to be imposed upon with the idea that they surround their life’s entirety around their religion.  This I have a problem with because although the intent isn’t negative, the impact and overall outlook on the situation is that they will push their beliefs upon him without my consent and that is what scares me.

How do we draw the line and say where parenting comes before grand-parenting?  How do we preach a free mind to our children whilst restricting them from relatives with radical views?  I guess the true test is to live and let live….When the question arises as to why we do things differently, I can explain, however until then, it’s family as usual.

Kids are brought into this world with no pre-conceived notion to believe one way or another…It is their parent’s up-bringing and foundation provided that makes for their life story and ultimate choice in their faith based decisions.  I guess I am leaving this post without a clever summary, or even any sense of closure.  I don’t know the answer to my own question.  Sad day!



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